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Banana Avenue Boutique was created in 2020 to embrace the beauty and personality of women who love cute and modest outfits.

Our mission is to make it easy for women to find the clothes they love without having to choose between style and comfort or price and quality

So, we offer clothes that are comfortable, flexible to wear on multiple casual occasions, low effort/no ironing, ready to go as is, and can be easily styled up with accessories without breaking the bank. 

Banana Avenue Boutique offers clothes for women who love simple outfits that give them room to build on and create their own style without having to look like everyone else.

We make getting dressed easy by offering matching sets and complementary outfits that can be mixed and matched with accessories and clothes already in your closet. 

Our collections offer clothing with vibrant colors and amazing quality that aren't too trendy. They inspire you to express your individuality and style to the world.  Who says simple can't be fun and cute?

Who We Serve

The woman with respect for family and friends, she’s everyone’s cheerleader and she makes everyone comfortable. She’s there for life’s biggest moments, she never misses a birthday, a baby shower, bridal party, a wedding, or graduation. 

She always finds things that are good for herself and shares them with her friends and family. She gives back to her community in any way she can. She’s mostly casual and laid back but never basic.

We serve the woman who constantly dreams of “the good life” for herself, where everything is in her control and she can afford the things that make her thrive. She works hard to achieve it daily and surrounds herself with things and people who are positive.

She’s not afraid to wear the same outfit twice, simply because she knows how to switch it up and she loves it. She is also not afraid to splurge on herself when she deserves it. 

Things We Value

Authenticity - We are honest about the quality and fit of our products and are transparent in our policies

Integrity - We stand behind our decisions and actions regarding policies, pricing, messaging,and merchandise selection.

Community - We believe women should have easy access to the things that will help them thrive and they shouldn’t have to pay more to get that experience. Our collections are created with the intent to improve your life and make you feel comfortable being yourself. Clothes are a part of our identity, it is how we express our moods and our style. 

Access - As long as you have access to the internet you should be able to jump online and shop from your favorite boutique in Jamaica. You should also be able to buy in your native currency at any time of the day without hassle. We are committed to offering the easiest and most convenient customer experience through all our platforms.

Personality - We are real people, we care about your hopes and dreams so we offer the best customer experience you could ever hope to have. When you connect with us via our platforms you’ll feel like we’re sitting right across from you.

Comfort - We select the comfiest and stretchiest clothes with the best quality we can find. Nobody likes to feel restricted and self-conscious in their outfits.