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Welcome Babe, 

Banana Avenue Boutique was born in 2019 to rekindle the love relationship between Jamaican women and stylish comfortable outfits.

We inspire women to fearlessly be themselves, be unapologetically bold in their outfit style choices, and stand firm in what they believe in.

Our mission is to save you time and money and dress you well while we’re at it.

The last thing you need is to have to spend your hard-earned money on clothes you can only wear once or lose your entire day scouring websites and stores to find the outfit you want.

So, we offer comfy, soft, stylish, and stretchy clothes that can be easily mixed and matched or paired together to create quick and stylish outfits.

We offer clothes to the woman who loves comfortable and stylish casual outfits that are ready to go and she can transform them from neutral to bold on a whim.

She loves timeless classy pieces and loves to wear her favorite styles in multiple colors over and over again.

Banana Avenue Boutique offers colorful and vibrant clothing options because we never want you to fade into background, when you wear our outfits, we want you to be reminded and feel like you are 100% that woman.